About Us

Our specialty & expertise is dental implants, treatments for full mouth restorations such as All on 4 and all on 6, even all on 8. We do these procedures utilizing the latest techniques and technology like Digital smile design and digital mock-ups to explore the final results before we begin. We have our own lab, and I know many dentists have the same speech. But in our case, this lab was created by myself after I got accredited by AACD. I needed to have long-lasting and beautiful restoration at a fast turnaround. So it took me around five years to find the right technicians and train them to deliver magic. I have been training our dentists the same way to provide beauty, and surgeries are as smooth as possible. The cases we mainly treat are complete mouth restoration on natural teeth, implants, or a combination of both. Nowadays, many people need to replace all their teeth due to different factors such as decay, grinding, and gum disease.

Our Mission

Our mission at Dental Concierge is to provide the absolute best dental care. With the aid of state-of-the-art dental technology, you can quickly see the reasons for the procedures and the intended outcome. We understand that patients have various priorities and expectations, and we strive to create a peaceful and productive atmosphere that produces excellent results. At The Dental Concierge, we aim to make going to the dentist fun again. We are your personal concierge.


We only work with U.S Certified Dentists on the American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry, the highest level of certification that a dentist could receive. Complete package consultation, airlines, x-ray, hotel. We make sure that all your needs are covered with a safe environment and with White-Glove service. If you need a chaperon, we do provide that service. Special pricing with airlines, hotels, no lapse of time, transportation is free, and we provide tours as your concierge at Costa Rica and Cancun during downtime.


Ross Baldwin is the founder and CEO of the Dental Concierge. Just like you, Ross had a dental need and took the journey to have his dental work done abroad. Mr. Baldwin is here to assure you that it’s a simple process and a decision you won’t regret. Ross started The Dental Concierge because he found a great U.S accredited doctor abroad and wanted to share his experience with people from individuals from around the world. To learn more, please click below to request your free estimate.

IN HOUSE LAB- Advanced Technology For The Perfect Smile

At The Dental Concierge, we offer an in-house lab featuring the most sophisticated and advanced dental technology globally. Our lab makes use of proprietary software, including facial recognition technology, to ensure we make the best teeth to match your unique facial structure. We make dental implants out of zirconium, which is extremely strong, challenging, and resistant. Our dental technicians are artists, crafting the perfect teeth for patients just like you. Our teeth are made in-house, and our experienced technicians have been perfecting their craft in our lab for more than 15 combined years.

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