Full Mouth Restoration

Full mouth restoration involves carefully planned and customized treatments from a team of specialists to create the most effective result possible. By addressing multiple issues at once – from cracked, chipped, or worn down teeth to bite and alignment problems – full mouth restoration can provide a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking a healthier, more aesthetically pleasing smile.


A full mouth restoration is a procedure that rebuilds/ replaces all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth. These treatments involve esthetics and restorative dentistry to the patient’s individual needs. A treatment plan for the patient could involve crowns, inlays, bridges; gum tissue recontouring, and other procedures as needed. If you get a full mouth restoration through The Dental Concierge, you will be able to get treatment at our clinics in Cancun or Costa Rica.


Our specialty & expertise is dental implants , treatments for full mouth restorations such as All on 4 and all on 6, even all on 8.

We do these procedures utilizing latest techniques and technology like Digital smile design and digital mock ups to explore the final results before we begin.

We have our own lab, and I know a lot of dentists have the same speech. But in our case this lab was created by myself after I got accredited by AACD. I needed to have long lasting and beautiful restoration at a fast turn around. So it took me around 5 years to find the right technicians and trained them to deliver magic.

I have been training our dentists the same way, so they can also deliver beauty, and surgeries are as smooth as possible.

The cases we mainly treat are full mouth restoration on natural teeth, implants or a combination of both.

Nowadays there are a lot of people in need of replacing all their teeth due to different factors such as decay, grinding and gum disease.

In the case of a full mouth restoration, anywhere from 20 to 28 teeth may be restored. This procedure may be necessary if your teeth are decayed, missing, or misaligned, but also if you would like to improve the overall health and appearance of your teeth. A full mouth restoration is typically used for cosmetic reasons but may also be recommended if a patient experiences trouble eating due to their dental problems. Please read below to learn more about the types of full mouth restoration.


The procedure used to restore your smile depends on a number of factors. At The Dental Concierge, we will design a treatment plan based your individual needs. This may include dental implants, crowns, veneers, root canals, periodontal treatment, gum surgery, sinus lifts, bone grafts, or dental fillings. Using our state-of-the-art technology such as X-rays, CT scans, photographs, and other clinical exams, we will determine what the best options is for you.


Many patients are curious about the details of the process, including how much it costs and how long it will take. In the case of dental implants, patients will need to take two trips, first to place the implants, which takes one week, and secondly to create the final teeth, which will take two weeks. Without the need for dental implants, you can expect the process to take about two weeks. Prices will vary based on the treatments, materials and techniques used for each individual’s unique situation. If you are interested in a treatment estimate, please request an estimate by clicking on the button below. This is the most effective way to learn how much treatment will cost before you travel abroad.

If you’re interested in receiving expert dental restoration services from a U.S accredited dentist in a tropical location, contact The Dental Concierge today. Please call 305-785-5646 or click below to request a free estimate.

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