First, you will give me a call and explain your needs or email me. I would ask you for a panoramic x-ray, or I will make an appointment for you. Once I receive your x-ray, I will forward it to my doctor to examine and set up a free consultation to discuss the process and, most importantly, the price ones you agree to accept our services, I will make sure you get the shortest and cheapest air fair we have arranged discounted arrangments with the Hilton hotels for our clients, and we provide you with free transportation back and forth to the airport and all dental appointments and make sure your safe and checked in to your hotel. White-Glove services

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The Dental Concierge only works with U.S Board Certified Dentists on the American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry, which is the highest level of certification that a dentist could receive. Complete package consultation, airlines, x-ray, and hotel. We ensure that all your needs are covered with a safe environment and White-Glove service. If you need a chaperon, we do provide that service. Special pricing with airlines, hotels, no lapse of time, transportation is free, and we provide tours as your concierge at Costa Rica and Cancun during downtime.

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