The Importance of Working with a Board-Certified Professional Dentist When Considering Dental Tourism

The Importance of Working with a Board-Certified Professional Dentist When Considering Dental Tourism

Dental tourism is becoming more popular with each passing year as adults learn more and more about what is offered across country lines. Many extensive dental procedures such as full mouth reconstruction can be costly in the United States. Even after dental insurance benefits, many patients cannot afford the smiles of their dreams. Fortunately, dental tourism makes it possible to obtain care with deep discounts while enjoying recovery and recuperation in an exotic location. Combine vacation and treatment with dental tourism provided by The Dental Concierge. We are proud to offer the services of a board-certified dentist in the areas of Cancun and Costa Rica.

Why is it Essential to Work with a Board-Certified Dentist?

When traveling to other countries to have dental work done, you want to rest easy knowing that you are being provided care by an experienced professional. Our dentist is a board-certified professional accredited by the American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry, ensuring the top-notch care you expect at your local dental facility. We offer high-end cosmetic and implant dentistry, ensuring restoration of the smile with the care and attention of a United States doctor.

Because you are having dental treatments performed outside of your own country, it is essential that you work with a trained, experienced, and certified professional to reduce the risk of potential problems, including failed implants and infection. We take the same care and attention as local dental providers to ensure the best possible care, and many of our patients can return to their homes relaxed, refreshed, and with a brand-new smile they can share for many years to come!

How do I Find Out More about Dental Tourism?

At The Dental Concierge, we focus on providing the best quality care for patients who entrust their smiles with our team. We encourage individuals interested in learning more about our services to call us at 1-800-723-9513 to schedule a time to speak to one of our concierge providers. Our personal concierge offers free consultations and can walk patients through the process of obtaining a beautiful smile while traveling to an exotic locale!

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