Dry Mouth Syndrome

Saliva is a natural substance in the mouth, which is essential to eliminating food waste and bacteria. As a cleansing agent, fungi and bacteria are prevented in the mouth, which causes many dental problems, including plaque and cavities.


It can get tricky if your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva. Your mouth feels dry and unpleasant. The chance of tooth cavities or decay would also begin to accumulate.
Mouth drying is termed xerostomia. Nevertheless, dry mouth syndrome has termed this condition colloquially.
Often signs of dry mouth syndrome include thirst, mouth sores, dry mouth sensation, tongue redness, mouth-tingling, insufficient breath, hoarseness, and trouble talking, chewing, or swallowing.
If left unchecked or unresolved, dry mouth syndrome can be associated with a risk for tooth loss, gingivitis, and mouth infection. This problem can also make it hard to wear dentures.
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