Going With a Cosmetic Dentist That Is AACD Accredited

Many people go with a cosmetic dentist in Costa Rica or Cancun without doing their research. At The Dental Concierge, our Costa Rica and Cancun cosmetic dentist is AACD accredited. This accreditation is one of the most intensive that a dentist can get. It also ensures that the dentist you are working with is of the utmost quality. 

What Is the AACD? 

The AACD is the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Membership in the AACD makes sure that patients get the highest standard of care possible. Started in 1984, the AACD only had 60 dentists. As the organization has grown in size over the years, it has become the world’s largest organization for cosmetic dentists.

What Does It Take To Be an Accredited Member of the AACD?

A dentist seeking to become AACD accredited goes through a rigorous process. First and foremost, the dentist must take a written examination. After the written examination, a five year period begins where the dentist must take two courses, the dentist must also submit five clinical case studies where they demonstrate their skills and clinical excellence. These case studies are reviewed by the top cosmetic dentists in the world. Lastly, there is an oral examination. The dentist must pass all portions of the process to become an accredited member of the AACD.

Can I Expect To Find Many AACD Dentists When I Go Out Of Country?

If you are going out of the country for cosmetic dental care, the odds of having an AACD accredited dentist are pretty rare. There are only about 420 AACD members worldwide, and even fewer of these dentists are fellows. Our dentist was the first AACD accredited member in Costa Rica and is only one of a handful serving patients in Central America. 

What Other Accreditations Or Memberships Should a Cosmetic Dentist Have? 

Other accreditations and memberships that you should look for when you choose a cosmetic dentist include:

  • Membership or accreditation in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.
  • Some sort of postgraduate training (our dentist got his at UCLA. 
  • Membership in the country’s board of dentistry where you will be receiving your cosmetic dentistry. 

Checking to make sure that your dentist has the best credentials will ensure the best cosmetic dentistry experience. 

Is Dental Tourism Safe? 

If you go to Cancun or Costa Rica for your cosmetic dentistry experience, you will be sure to have the best standard of care possible. Our dentist was the first to receive AACD accreditation in Costa Rica. Outside of the United States, there are only a handful of AACD accredited dentists. Choose The Dental Concierge and you will have a safe, high-quality experience that exceeds the highest standard of care. 

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