How Can I Keep My Teeth Healthy?

It’s essential to brush your teeth. It helps to wash away bacteria and germs that can contribute to gum and tooth decay. At least twice a day should be how much you brush for 2 minutes each time, according to the American Dental Association—brushing the teeth and the tongue in a smooth bristle, using a fluoride toothpaste for extra germ-fighting safety.

Ensure that each morning you brush your teeth. Bacteria that contribute to bad breath are made up of the overnight plaque. Wait at least 30-40 minutes to brush your teeth if you have a cup of coffee in the morning. Because of how acidic coffee is, it could do a lot of harm to your teeth if you brush too soon afterward.
In your everyday routine, you can also floss. Flossing assists in the removal and retention of food between the teeth and the brushing line.
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