Start the New Year Off Right with Full Mouth Reconstruction Using Dental Tourism

Start the New Year Off Right with Full Mouth Reconstruction Using Dental Tourism

It is not uncommon for patients who need significant dental work to experience “sticker shock” at their dental practice. Restorative dentistry comes at a price, but for many, it is necessary to achieve function and beauty to the smile. Instead of considering a local dental practice, more and more patients are considering the advantages of dental tourism. Dental tourism is the act of visiting a dentist outside of the United States to achieve dental work at half or less of United States prices. At the same time, patients can relax abroad while they recover from extensive dental work. The entire process, including discounted airfare, hotels, and tours is far less than the dental procedure itself in the states. This is what makes medical and dental tourism an appealing idea to many individuals who are looking to achieve a beautiful smile in a more nontraditional way!

With the new year around the corner, wouldn’t you love a new smile? Patients who have lost teeth, significantly damaged teeth, or even stained and discolored teeth are often unable to obtain restorative dental work due to cost restraints. However, thanks to dental tourism, patients now have other options to consider. At The Dental Concierge, Ross will work with individuals considering dental work abroad to educate them on the benefits of dental tourism. Some of the initial benefits patients will enjoy include:

  • Discounted air fare
  • Discounted hotel rooms
  • Discounted local tours
  • Eligibility for tax write-offs
  • High-end cosmetic and implant dentistry
  • Care from a US dentist accredited by the American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Five to ten business days in a highly desirable vacation spot

Are you Considering a Dental Vacation and a Brand New Smile for 2022?

Costa Rica and Cancun are both top dental tourism destinations for United States residents who are considering a dental vacation to save money and have a positive experience in restoring their smiles. If you are ready to speak to a professional as our dental tourism agency, The Dental Concierge, to learn more about the process, we welcome you to call Ross at (800) 723-9513 to request a consultation. We work to ensure that the entire process is simple, relaxing, and handled by our team of professionals to allow you to enjoy all the benefits of dental tourism today!

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