The Relationship Between your Bite and your Health

Studies indicate that people who have no teeth are more likely to have dementia than people who have teeth. The movement of the tract increases the flow of blood to the brain, which causes a significant volume of oxygen to be supplied.
Studies have shown that chewing anything improves the health of the brain. Research at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom found that the group was performing the task when chewing gum recalled numbers faster and more specific than those who did not. Parotin hormone is secreted throughout the parotid gland while chewing food. Parotin improves the elasticity of the blood vessels and stimulates the role of the leukocyte to boost blood supply in the brain. 
In addition, the material known as NGF (nerve growth factor) is secreted. This substance facilitates the regeneration of nerve cells and restores the function of the cranial nerve to prevent aging of the brain. If you cannot chew properly due to a lack of teeth, the secretion of saliva is decreased, resulting in a reduction in NGF and brain aging. In Europe, there is a study that shows patients with ‘Alzheimer’s disease have enhanced their cognitive capacity to NGF in their brains.’ If you chew well, though, and secrete enough saliva, you will reduce the risk of dementia by stopping the brain from aging.
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