Five Causes of Mouth Pain From Root Canals

Root canals with a crown are the most common approach to restorative dentistry. A root canal can help repair a tooth, let the tooth last a little bit longer, and remove any infection that may have built up inside the tooth. However, root canals are not always a perfect solution. Most will last for about ten years. However, as a root canal with a crown approaches the end of its life, several different events can happen that will lead to pain in your root canal.

Root Canal Failure

Sometimes, a tooth does not heal fully after a root canal. The infection can flare months or even years after the initial procedure. Redoing the root canal can be difficult because it can be hard to remove additional infection from inside a tooth that has already been treated.

Cracked Tooth

Sometimes, a tooth can become cracked below the filling or the crown. Over time, the crack can lead to further tooth damage and even infection. At this point, a dentist will likely recommend removal of the tooth or a filling. In this situation, a likely option is to consider getting a dental implant to replace the damaged tooth.

Coronal Leakage

This is when material penetrates the sealant of the root canal. It can happen a short time after a root canal or years after the fact. This can cause infection to flare back up in a treated tooth. Ultimately, the root canal will need to be retreated, but most often, the tooth ends up getting removed.

Crowns Age Over Time

The sealant that is used to place them does not always last for the life of the crown. Over time, your bite may change, placing stress on the crown. Underneath the crown, the remaining portion of your tooth can become sensitive to decay if the sealant breaks down over time. The decay can cause a painful infection, ultimately requiring replacement of your root canal or removal of the tooth.

Improper Filling of a Root Canal

Root canals can become painful if they were improperly filled. Overextension is one type of improper filling. When a root canal is overextended, this means that the canal appears full at the end of the procedure, but there are still spaces where the filling did not reach. Over time, this empty space will become infected, creating tooth pain.

The Ultimate Solution For Restorative Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry, mainly dental implants, are often a viable solution for root canals that are producing pain. At The Dental Concierge, we have two locations in Costa Rica and Cancun with an AACD dentist. We work with you to get full images of your mouth and get you the right solution within our lab. Within six to eight months and two trips to one of our two locations, you can achieve the smile that you want without the pain.

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