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The Cost of Getting Dental Implants Done in the United States

Dental implants are extremely expensive in the United States. According to Forbes Health, the typical single-tooth implant can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $4,500. A whole mouth restoration, on the high end, can cost anywhere from $60,000 to $90,000. There are many different services rendered during the implant process, including:

  • A comprehensive dental exam, which includes computer imaging.
  • Extraction of teeth.
  • Installing the dental implant.
  • Fabricating the implants and crowns.
  • Any tissue grafting that is necessary.

Let’s take a look at why dental implants in Costa Rica or Cancun are a viable option for many patients.

Dental insurance doesn’t cover everything

Most people in the United States do not know the true extent of their insurance coverage. The typical American will pay around $365 per year for their dental insurance. The insurance coverage typically includes most “preventative” types of care, such as cleanings, x-rays, fillings, and to a certain extent root canals.

Many dentistry plans will have a 100/80/50 breakdown. This means that cleanings and exams are 100% covered, things like fillings are 80% covered, and things like crowns and dentures are 50% covered. Dental insurance will also have an annual maximum, which is the most your plan will cover for an entire year. Annual maximums typically range between $1,000 and $2,000, depending upon the type of plan that you get.

At the end of the day, most dental insurance plans will not even cover the cost of one implant, let alone a full-mouth restoration.

How much do dental implants cost when done in Cancun or Costa Rica

The cost of dental implants will depend on your particular treatment plan. On average, the typical patient will save between 50% to 75%. If your dentist quoted you $60,000 for a full-mouth restoration in the United States, your cost might only be $15,000 in Mexico.

With The Dental Concierge, your dentist is AACD-accredited. In addition to AACD accreditation, your dentist also has additional graduate study in implant dentistry and an education from a top dental school in the United States.

Specialized Treatment and Care in Costa Rica and Cancun

The process for getting your implants done in Costa Rica and Cancun is simple. First, you will get a panoramic x-ray from your dentist. If you don’t have an x-ray, The Dental Concierge will help you find a dentist in your area. Next, you will get a consultation with our dentist to discuss a treatment plan. Typically, dental implants take two appointments at our clinic. During the first session, you will get full computer imaging done of your mouth to make sure the implants will fit you just right. During your first session, you will get bone grafting, tissue grafting, and temporary dentures.

Depending upon your needs, your next session will be within six to twelve months. During this time, your implants are prepared in a lab. The time between appointments also gives your grafts time to fully heal and take shape. During the final session, you will get the final touches on your implants after they are fitted.

How do the travel arrangements work?

The Dental Concierge will work with you to find the best travel rates with our network of partners. You get special pricing with the airlines, motels, and most importantly, transportation to and from your appointments and the airport is free. You will have someone to pick you up from the airport and take you to and from your appointments. The only thing you will need is a current passport to travel internationally.

How many people get their restorative dentistry done abroad?

According to Forbes, an estimated 650,000 people went abroad for dental and medical procedures because the cost was substantially lower. Mexico and Costa Rica are top destinations for cosmetic dental procedures for a wide variety of different reasons. Dentists in these countries are trained at schools in the United States. Additionally, the technology available to clinics in the United States is becoming more readily available to clinics in Costa Rica and Mexico.

Work with The Dental Concierge for your cosmetic dentistry needs

The Dental Concierge can get your dental implants done with an AACD-accredited dentist in Cancun and Costa Rica for a discounted rate. In addition, we make your sessions easy, providing you with transportation to your appointment that you would need from a family or friend in the United States. Get a free consultation today.

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