The Dental Implant Timeline

Many people wonder how long their dental implants will take. There really isn’t an accurate timeline. Some people will be able to get their dental implants within six months (the time between their first and second appointment). Others may require eight to twelve months between their two appointments until their implants are officially done. Let’s take a look at the dental implant timeline to see what to expect when it comes to getting your implants done.

The Initial Consultation for Dental Implants

When you work with The Dental Concierge, we will typically ask you for a X-ray or some imaging of your mouth. If you haven’t had a dental exam completed recently, we’ll help you find a dentist near you to help you get this done. After The Dental Concierge gets your dental images, we’ll schedule a free consultation with our dentist, where you will get a quote on the price. During your initial consultation, you will also get a sense of how long it will take and when your appointments will be.

The Initial Appointment

When it comes time for your first appointment, The Dental Concierge will take care of finding you the shortest, most convenient airfare. You will be in Costa Rica or Cancun for one week. During this time, you will:

  • Get digital imaging of our mouth done (for the best implant experience possible).
  • Receive any tissue grafting that is needed (some people getting dental implants require minimal grafting).
  • Place the actual titanium implants that will hold your new teeth in place.
  • While you wait for your grafting to heal, you will get some temporary dentures while your final crowns are completed.

The Waiting Period

While your crowns are getting finished in a state-of-the-art lab, you will go home and wait for your jaw to heal and adapt to any grafting work that was done. This process is called osseointegration and gives your implants the time needed to bond with your jaw. Most of the time, this process takes six months. For some with more extensive grafting, eight to twelve months will pass before your final crowns can be placed.

While your implants are healing, you will need to avoid smoking, eat soft foods early on, and practice good oral hygiene.

Your Final Appointment

Your final appointment will involve the permanent placement of your crowns on your implants. Any needed adjustments will be made, and your new smile will be perfect to go. Your cosmetic dentist will also give you instructions for how to take care of your new crowns.

Getting Your Implants Done the Right Way in Cancun or Costa Rica

While implants cost a fraction of what they would in the United States when done through dental tourism, you are getting them done the right way. In the United States, many people will get their implants done through their general dentistry clinic. They also may rush the procedure (trying to get it done in three months rather than the right time frame).

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