Why Do Dental Implants Cost So Much in the United States?

Dental care, in general, has become more expensive in recent years. On average, the cost of dentistry increases about 5.14% per year. This is above the typical annual inflation rate of 4.17%. Since the 1960s, the cost of dental services has increased by 1,728%. There are many reasons that restorative dental care costs more in the United States, including the cost of materials, labor, and overhead that dental clinics need to factor into their charges to patients. Let’s take a look at these more closely.

The materials used in dental implants

Dentists use a wide range of materials for dental implant treatment. Most dental implants are made from titanium alloys. Some dentists continue to use materials like gold, steel, cobalt, chromium, and copper. The actual crowns mounted on the implants can be metal, porcelain fused to metal, resin, or ceramic. Due to fluctuating demand, these materials have increased in price over recent years.

The cost of a dental expert’s time

When you get dental implants, you work with a cosmetic dentist. Some dental implants are done by general dentists, but most are done by a cosmetic dentist who has received additional training in implant dentistry. Implant dentistry training often involves as much as four years beyond dentistry school.

When it comes to dental implants, the actual treatment itself is as unique as the patient. A cosmetic dentist will use advanced imaging technology to render a three-dimensional picture of the patient’s mouth. Some treatments may require tissue grafting. The expertise required to administer an implant treatment is one of the cost factors in dental implants.

Dental implants require multiple appointments

Dental implants require multiple appointments. This is another factor that drives cost. When you get an all-on-four or all-on-six dental implant treatment, you will see the dentist twice six to eight months apart. A lot of custom work happens between these two appointments, including:

  • Creating a mold for the creation of your implants from your computer imaging.
  • Construction of your final implants in a lab.
  • The actual fitting of your implants (when you arrive back for your second appointment).

Specialized equipment for dental implants

Cosmetic dentists must also invest monetary resources into specialized equipment, especially the computer imaging technology that they use. To do bone and tissue grafting, there are special punch kits and drill kits that are required. Other grafting equipment is also essential. The cost of cosmetic dental equipment ranges based upon the size of the clinic and the number of patients the dentist will be working with. For a smaller clinic, they might spend $25,000 to $50,000 for equipment. Larger clinics doing more specialized work might spend as much as $500,000 on equipment to work with patients.

Why do dental implants cost less in Cancun and Costa Rica?

For dental implants, and dental care in general, done in Mexico, the cost of living is the main factor for controlling price. Materials required for dental implants simply cost less. On average, you can expect to pay 50% to 70% less for cosmetic treatment when you select dental tourism as an option. If you want to work with the best cosmetic dentist, choose The Dental Concierge. You will get the opportunity to work with a world-class cosmetic dentist who will get you the best implants possible at a fraction of the cost.

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