Why do patients in the United States choose Cancun, Mexico for their dental tourism location

With extensive dental work costing more and moreover the years, it is no surprise that financially-savvy individuals are taking the time to learn about alternative options—and locations—to have their smiles transformed. Ross of The Dental Concierge regularly works with patients in the United States interested in visiting other sites in the world to obtain affordable and quality dental work instead. One of the more popular locations patients is seeking to include Cancun, Mexico, where dental treatments are performed at a fraction of the cost with the same quality of materials and experienced dentists.

Below are just a few reasons why someone may consider Cancun, Mexico for their upcoming dental work:

  • Cost savings. Many dental procedures, such as the placement of dental implants and implant-retained dentures, are a fraction of the cost compared to procedures performed in the United States with an experienced dental professional.
  • Geographic location. Because Mexico borders North America, it is the obvious choice for patients who do not want to fly anywhere overseas or desire a more convenient dental tourism location.
  • Quality work. We refer patients to our United States doctor, who is accredited on the American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry and provides the same high-end cosmetic and implant dentistry you would obtain in your current hometown.
  • Weather. Cancun, Mexico has gorgeous weather year-round that allows patients to spend time outdoors during their dental vacation, soaking up the sun and improving their smile with quality dental work.
  • Tourist locations. Our team can arrange for discounted tours to various tourist hotspots in the Cancun area, including Chichen Itza, one of Mexico’s most iconic sites, and the Mayan Ruins of Coba.

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