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What to expect during your Cancun dental tourism trip

Patients in the United States who are considering extensive dental work, including full mouth reconstruction, may be overwhelmed at the price of treatments—even after dental insurance benefits are applied. With The Dental Concierge, we help patients take a different approach when it comes to having their smile transformed and offers dental services in popular tourist hotspots such as Cancun, Mexico. Patients can enjoy a vacation AND a new smile during the same visit with our team.

What to expect during your Cancun, Mexico trip

We find that many patients are excited to plan a trip to Cancun to not only relax for a week or more but obtain dental work that needs completion to restore the smile. We encourage patients to consider the many benefits of dental tourism and prepare them for their trip. When planning your dental tourism in Cancun, Mexico, Ross can work with you to arrange everything from airfare, hotel destinations, transportation, and even discounted tours and activities while staying in the area.

  • Comparison of treatment. Patients find that the dental work completed in Cancun by our United States accredited doctor uses the same high-quality materials and techniques while reducing the cost of treatment to half or less of United States dental practice prices.
  • High-end cosmetic and implant dentistry. Traditional dentures are no longer the most popular way of replacing all the teeth in the smile. Now, patients can obtain all-on-4/all-on-6 dental implants which retain conservative dentures in place with better strength and durability.
  • Beautiful tourist attractions. Whether you are looking to go on a sightseeing tour of the Mayan ruins or want to relax beachside with a drink in your hand, we can help arrange your visit to your liking to ensure a memorable vacation.
  • Complete vacation planning. Let our team do the work, planning your flight, your hotel, your attractions, and your dental appointments with our experienced dental tourism professionals. We listen to our patients to ensure we provide the vacation of their dreams paired with obtaining the smile they’ve always wanted!

Ready to learn the details of dental tourism to Cancun, Mexico?

Connect with Ross of The Dental Concierge by calling (800) 723-9513 or emailing him at his office address at He is available to help you arrange your dental tourism experience and ensure an affordable and exciting visit to the Cancun area.

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