Why do patients in the United States choose Costa Rica for their dental tourism location 

Patients who have talked to their dentist about having full smile reconstruction or complete restoration of the teeth may have experienced shock at the cost of the most popular treatments. For example, it is easy to spend thousands of dollars repairing a smile after tooth loss or extensive damage from gum disease. With the help of Ross from The Dental Concierge, patients throughout the United States can have the same dental work completed while also enjoying a relaxing vacation! Dental tourism is on the rise, and low prices and quality work have thousands of people flocking to areas like San Jose, Costa Rica to obtain dental work at a fraction of the cost with the United States accredited dentist.

Why patients choose Costa Rice for their extensive dental work:

  • Cost savings. Complex dental procedures, including the placement of dental implants and high-quality dentures, are costly in the United States, even after applying your dental insurance benefits. The same quality work is performed at a fraction of the cost while wrapping extensive dental work with a dream vacation!
  • Vacation hotspot. There are many great areas in Costa Rica to visit, including vast rainforests, volcanos, and miles of beautiful beaches. Our clients get to also enjoy the benefits of discounted tours and attractions through our team, allowing them to see their favorite sites while transforming their smiles!
  • Tourism and activity options. There are many unique locations in Costa Rica for tourists to explore, and our team has first-hand knowledge of some of the must-see areas. We can arrange transportation and tours from your hotel room, so you don’t miss a thing!
  • Weather. If you’re looking for a sunny spot to rest on the beach, Costa Rica is the place to be! Weather is regularly warm and sunny throughout the year, with temperatures often between 75 degrees to 90 degrees over the months. Little to no rain occurs between December and April, making it a popular winter retreat.
  • Quality materials and dental work. The dental work done with our team is performed by a US-educated dentist with board certification by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. The materials and techniques used are the same as those performed by dentists in the United States and provide long-term and reliable smile restoration.

Are you interested in finding out more about dental tourism in Costa Rica?

Call Ross at (800) 723-9513 to request a consultation or email to arrange a time to speak at We are here to help educate you on the advantages of dental tourism and arrange your next vacation to obtain a brand-new smile!

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